Friday Flowers

FF - Hydrangea Head 01

I was a bit extremely grumpy at the beginning of this week. At the moment it’s very hard for me to get up in the morning, but I still made an effort to get up even earlier than usual. This made what happened seem especially unfair and annoying to me when exactly 8 minutes after leaving home I was stuck in a traffic jam, in a place where there is no way out. So I made it through until the first opportunity where I could change routes but it still took me 1 hour to get to work when my normal driving time is 25 minutes max. On the way home the same day it took me 2 hours, which took my grumpiness to an extreme.

I vowed to get up at 6 the next day, take a different route, and make it to work in under 30 minutes. Luckily it worked and all grumpiness has been gone since then. I realised I even like getting up when all is still pretty much quiet outside – unless you’re on the motorway – and I managed to keep to this early schedule all week. Hope I’ll be able to see this through for the rest of the year. Speaking of which – only 42 days until Xmas!

On to the weekend: I don’t have too much planned except meeting my photography friend E on Sunday morning to go explore Stuttgart-West. Since we started meeting for these photography outings we’ve been to Stuttgart-Süd twice and to Stuttgart-Ost. The West is very nice so I’m glad we’re finally getting around to that, which will then leave the North; not sure about that, though, with regards to photo opportunities but you never know. Also, I learned a few weeks ago that my friend will be moving back to the US in February next year, earlier than planned, so I have to make the most of our little trips because I’ll be without a photography buddy soon…

OK, on to the flowers now. Bought an assortment of flowers and greenery at the market last week with the intention to create something I’d seen online. It didn’t really work, so I divided up what I’d bought and arranged everything in two vases. Not fancy but I like the colours, and I love those huge hydrangea heads.

Next week I’ll be going to a workshop called Blaze of Lights, which sounds quite fancy but is really a workshop on how to make your own advent decorations with greenery, candles and… we’ll see what else when I get there; I’m looking forward to it.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Happy Friday!

FF - Hydrangea Head 02


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hehe, so am I Laura – it wouldn’t have been fun to have a whole week of grumpiness 😀
      As usual, I never even noticed the similarity between the contours of the vase and the cones, but now that you’ve pointed it out, I can clearly see it!
      Afraid you’ll have to keep on pointing out things like that and lines to me…

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