Between Worlds


Between Worlds


10 thoughts on “Between Worlds

    • Thank you very much for the nomination, Ines! I’ve checked out your post and will do my part shortly.

      As for the multiple exposure – it isn’t one 🙂 I snapped a painting in a gallery window and caught the reflection of “the real world” behind me, which made me think it looked like between worlds.
      Sadly, I haven’t even tried multiple exposure yet; maybe someday…

      • Ines says:

        You’re welcome, I’m looking forward to read yours!

        Oh that’s very interesting to know! I just assumed it was a multiple exposure – how funny 🙂

  1. Well, I was wondering, double exposure or shot trough a window. But you got me confused here!

    What a lovely photo! You have seen this scenario very well, and captured it great too! I like it a lot, how you see the world..

    Keep up the great work, we love it!


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