{Belated} Friday {Non-}Flowers

2016 Adventskranz

I didn’t manage to post any Friday Flowers yesterday, so today I’m showing you what I made at the Advent Workshop yesterday.

The florist showed us five different types of decoration, then we could choose which one(s) we wanted to make – be it recreating hers 1:1 or adapting from her designs.

I saw this super cute kind-of-wreath, the basics of which were what you see above, the outline of trees (made from coconut fibre), and the colours of the show piece were light green and white. As I had brought my own candles I adapted my decorations according to their colours, and I chose a larger basic design. With this one the pointy bits of the star shape were purposely unevenly drawn, so don’t go thinking I messed up mine πŸ˜‰ .

What I hadn’t anticipated was that it wasn’t as easy to do as the florist had made it seem – except for my friend who shared a work bench with me and was done in no time. I had hardly begun cutting out my star from a piece of wallpaper and then sticking some unwieldy wiring onto it, when I thought: Why on earth did I have to choose this design!?

However, the lovely and very charismatic florist went around the work tables and helped us out (a lot in my case), and everything turned out OK in the end.

Afterwards I said to my friend that this florist stuff definitely was not my forte; she pointed out other things I was good at, though, and I had to agree.

I’ll definitely be giving one of the other workshops offered a try at some point, though, as it was a fun and creative evening.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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