Friday Flowers

Xmas Orchids

Good morning! We’re having a milder one today, with fog but no rain so far. At least I’m no longer worried about snow as my car got its winter tires yesterday.

Speaking of winter, these lovely orchids look pretty wintery to me, they’re on a sideboard at my friend’s house. She took the white bowl to her florist who made this beautiful arrangement. Very fitting with this coming Sunday being the first Advent Sunday.

My plans for the weekend are cooking, cooking, and cooking. I think I just got back my food photography bug this month, and I’m looking forward to taking food pics this weekend. For tonight I invited my sister to dinner, we’ll catch up and ring in the weekend – at least for me as she has to work tomorrow.

Hope you have nice plans as well & much fun!


3 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. So the christmas spirit is slowly creeping in? 😉 Winter scenes are great for photography, but I wouldn’t mind fleeing the cold towards the sun.

    Lovely crisp sharp photo!


    • It really is creeping in slowly; I noticed that this year shops didn’t have Xmas decorations and chocolates in October already as they had the previous years. So the pace it’s approaching in is slow and enjoyable. Although I love being in warm climates, there’s nothing like a December at home in the cold for me. It’s part of nature, and having spent one Christmas in Australia made me realise that Christmas in the sun lacks ambience and character for me.

      • The streets in Holland aren’t decorated with christmas lights as much as last year neither. I have never spent christmas in the sun, but I think you are right: growing up with bad weather during the seasons made it part of the holidays for me too!

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