Friday Flowers

Faded Fringed Gerbera

Hello again on this cold winter morning! We’ve finally had some snow, although not everyone’s happy with it. We’re not so bad off here, I think, with only -6°C, especially when I heard on the radio this morning that the US East coast is expecting major snowfall tonight and preparing for a weekend stuck at home.

Although I don’t mind the cold, I prefer it with a blue sky and sunshine; that just makes the perfect winter day for me, so I’m hoping for some of that for this weekend. My plans are to meet my friend E who will be moving back to the US in February, so it might well be our last photo outing together 😦 .

As we currently have a problem with the central heating in our house, I’m also hoping that’ll get fixed today, otherwise it’ll be a not-so-cozy weekend. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I do hope you get the heating fixed. Our cold streak finally broke yesterday and today it is -6 instead of -31, YAY! The dog is ecstatic. I too am following the news on the record braking blizzard heading for US east coast and reading the posts of my dear friends over there waiting eagerly some serious snow 😀 Lovely flower again, spring like 🙂

    • Hi Tiina,

      Thank you re: flowers, and YES, the heating’s working again! As for the weather, glad to hear temperatures have gone up for you! Can imagine your cute dog is happy not to freeze off his paws when he has to go out 😀 Here the temps have gone from -6C to 0C and most of the snow has been gone overnight, apparently we got sleet last night and now have icy roads. That’s as good an excuse as any for me to stay home and do some recipe developing…

  2. The fallen leaves are a fine detail in this photo. Very pretty!

    Oh, too bad the friend is moving back. That is a tough moment I guess. The weather on the east coast of the US seems pretty extreme! We had are own extremes in Holland (and I guess you too in S). Only last week, we had a little snow and at coldest -5 degrees, but yesterday it was 15 degrees and very sunny!

    Weird weather..

    Keep on shooting!


    • Thank you, Tieme!
      As for my friend moving back… yes, I’m not just losing a friend but my one and only photo buddy. That means I’ll really have to kick my own butt to go out more by myself to shoot O_o We’ll see how that’s going to work out…
      Weather-wise we’re lucky we’re not as bad off as the people on the US East coast – we, too, had only -8C on the coldest day, and since the snow melted this last weekend we’re back to +15C today. Weird indeed!

      Have a good evening!

      • Oh, I always shoot alone. If I go out for photography, I want to focus. I went out for some shots once with a friend. And as much as I like to chat, it is a bit of a distraction.

        As for the weather, I am glad we’re not snowed in 🙂

        Have a good Wednesday!


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