Friday Flowers

Wilhelma Orchids

Hello on this very beautiful sunny day! We’ve been having morning temperatures of 3°C here all week, but during the day we got up to 15°C. It doesn’t feel like winter at all.

Last Sunday I met my friend E for a photo excursion to the local zoo which also accommodates the botanical gardens. It was really cold outside but nicely warm inside the 19th century greenhouses. Most of those greenhouse structures are beautiful, add to that the enormous collection of exotic flowers… well worth spending a day there.

They have over 6000 botanical species, among them an abundance of camellias, orchids – like the ones above -, fuchsias, azaleas, succulents… We also visited the Amazonia house that was built a few years ago but that I hadn’t been inside yet, but I started sneezing the moment I entered, all the way through to the exit, and suddenly the sneezing stopped as soon as I was outside again. So, no Amazonia vacations for me, ever!

The butterfly house sounded like a great photo opportunity  but it was so humid in there that our lenses fogged up right away. No chance of taking pictures of the flying foxes that were hanging right before our noses feeding on fruit, nor the butterflies. Guess some things you just have to enjoy without further purpose.

This weekend it’ll be the usual agenda of getting the house in order, cooking & food blogging, and a final breakfast meeting – really final this time – with E before they fly home to the States next week.

Happy Friday!


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