Friday Flowers

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, obviously it’s not of flowers – but there’s a story to it, and it’s a long one, so if you want to skip it, feel free to scroll down to the actual flowers!

What’s wrong with this picture is that there should be a bed next to the bedside lamp. But there isn’t because I’ve become a ditherer. My best friend from school still thinks I make decisions on the spot like I used to but sadly that is no longer the case. I’m not just a ditherer now, but one that misses out on stuff because of it. The lack of a bed in above picture is one of many results of me seeing something at the Swedish furniture store and then waiting so long to make a decision that it’s no longer in their product line once I’ve made it. I wanted a certain brown bed but now they only do them in white or black.

So I finally chose white and a new mattress, because the one I had from the same store was so old that they don’t manufacture them the way mine was made anymore – luckily! Because as comfy as the thing was, the mattress was actually attached to the slatted frame. I knew this but we only found out this afternoon when we were trying to figure out how to get the thing down 1 flight of stairs and 5 floors in a very small elevator and then to the recycling center what a pain in the neck this thing was. Don’t worry, the story has a happy ending, but it took a lot of patience and muscle to get there.

I can’t – and even don’t want to try to – drive a van, so I hired on my sister as a driver. We were halfway to the rental place when they called us to say the van wasn’t back yet and could we come an hour later. Grrr. So we turned around, came back an hour later, and had to wait for another half hour before we finally had a key in our hands, then we had to drive through town where the vans are parked.

Everything went incredibly smoothly at the furniture store, but at collection point – just before handing over the trolley with our goods to us – the guy noticed they’d loaded the wrong bed. So another wait. Have you ever seen two short-ish people trying to get a huge mattress into the back of a van? Ah, it’s not  pretty picture 😉 .

So once home, we disassembled the old bed, turned around the mattress, and oh dear… the thing was really heavy, and ok it’s called slatted frame for a reason – but so many slats. We were prepared for trouble of that kind, though, because I’d told my sister to bring her compass saw. Still, it took us until an hour before end of rental time to get the job done. You wouldn’t believe the mess we created. We got it done, of course, then had to take what felt like 1000 pieces down to the van and take everything to the recycling center.

We were an hour late bringing the van back, but I told them after the delay caused by them surely that would be fine. It was, but I was still prepared to show them my claws 😀 . We didn’t have time to put up the new bed today, but we’ll meet again for that tomorrow morning.

Now I’ve had a hot bath, coffee, and feel every muscle in my back and my calves. And yet, as annoying as some aspects of this day were, it felt more like an adventure, and I came home to these carnations that are still going strong after two weeks on the coffee table.

Happy Friday, everyone!

February Carnations


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Yikes! Well, the good news is that beds and mattresses don’t have to be replaced often so, with luck, it’ll be a LONG time before you have to go through anything like this again!

    • I sure won’t be looking for adventures of this kind anytime soon 😉 . I can still feel all my muscles, but I’ve also slept incredibly well last night after we put up the bed yesterday morning.

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