I was recently asked by Laura whether I print any of my pics to hang on my walls. I’ve considered doing this many times, but for some reason never did it. My answer to Laura was that I’ve taken to printing my favourites on my postcard printer and sticking them on the fridge with magnets. Laura said it must be a very decorative fridge but surely too urbane for my images.

So this made me think because I grew up in a generation where printing was the only way to get your pictures, and also I like being creative. What I also like is the square picture format on instagram, and all this together made me decide to print my favourite pictures in polaroid format, then stick them in an album and use that as a coffee table book.

The way I did that was very basic – I had an empty album lying around, I created a polaroid template in PowerPoint, added my pictures and printed. And voilà – coffee table book. Some would say I could have had a book printed but I honestly like the look and feel of holding an album in my hands and touching the pics.

I’m very pleased with the results, and I’m sure I’ll be picking up this book often to browse it.

What do you do with your pictures? Print? Just look at them online? Make a photo book?

Polaroid Album


11 thoughts on “Prints

  1. This looks great! And I like that you’re making physical copies of your favorites. I worry a lot that we don’t tend to print photos anymore. What’s going to become of all these digital pix that are just stored on media that are going to become obsolete? I mean, I have thousands of photos burned onto CDs . . . and my newest laptop doesn’t have a CD drive!

    • Thank you, Kerry! And yes, my latest laptop doesn’t have a CD drive anymore either, but luckily I stored everything on external disk drives right from the start. Of course, you need to back those up…
      I had quite a lot of fun choosing which images to print, organising them etc, and I’m sure I’ll be doing this more often from now on.

  2. admire your template and skills Kiki and so lovely to see your images coming to life as it were. Bet you had fun pairing them together as an album – you have a unique photobook now for coffee table. Just need to invite friends round to admire!
    p.s. I must take my own advice and get some of my faves printed though would use photobox as printer eats ink and confine it to my photoarts 😉

  3. They turned out great! Such a good idea the polaroid format 🙂
    I’ve started printing again, it’s really something else to see the images in paper rather than just in the screen.

    • Thank you, Ines! I saw your post about your prints – the green series looks great!! I really like the thought of a whole series to put on a wall.
      I actually remembered today that about a year and a half ago I first printed some of my flower pictures on A4 glossy paper and put them in white frames. Only I couldn’t make up my mind which wall to put them on, and then my parents came to visit, and my dad was astonished when he found out that I had taken those pics. He took them home and now they’re in my parents’ living room and hallway 🙂

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