Friday Flowers

FF - Hyacinth

Hello everyone! After two beautiful, sunny days today brought us fog of all things. It’s gotten quite cold again, too, we’re back to between 0° and 5°C, which is bearable on a sunny winter’s day but on a foggy one like today it made us take a very short walk only after lunch.

If you remember last Friday’s post, I told you all about getting the new bed up – and I can tell you I’ve been sleeping so well this last week like I haven’t been in ages.

What’s on at the weekend? I’ll be going to a friend’s 40th birthday party tomorrow, and I am so looking forward to that. He’s my friend’s husband, and I mentioned here before that his nickname is the grill sergeant as he’s basically a BBQ wizard.
I’ll be taking my camera with me, and I’ll very likely be crawling round my friend’s garden again to capture everything that’s started to blossom.

For today, I posted the same hyacinth that I showed you in my February In Pictures, only now it’s fully in bloom. Surprisingly it produced a second stem, which hopefully will be blossoming soon as well. This particular hyacinth is leaning so far over its glass container, straining towards the light, that I had to secure it with a wooden food skewer.

I wish my camera would capture magenta to lilac hues more accurately, though. In reality this hyacinth is a dark plum colour, and even in post processing I wasn’t able to get it to show up properly. At least I can see the original on my coffee table and enjoy the scent 🙂 .

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hi Kerry,
      Sunshine helps a lot! Also, we had a great party last night, and I came home today with over 100 pictures, so I’m indeed happy 🙂 .

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