Friday Flowers

March Pink Rununcula

Ranunculus *sigh* – my favourite flowers, and it’s the season right now, so I’m making the most of it. I’ve been buying a bunch or two these last weeks at the Friday market, and I enjoy seeing them on my coffee table. I’ll be off to the market later today and hopefully will return with more.

Hope you’re not bored yet with my weekly weather reports… Today is another beautifully sunny day, although it’s cold and crisp outside. We’ve had some snow earlier this week, and the view from my windows keeps switching between grey & dreary to sunny; the forecast for the weekend is more cold, then 17°C on Monday. Crazy, but I’ll take warm versus grey any day.

Plans for the weekend? For today it’s to enjoy the sunshine and go shopping at the market, for the rest of the weekend it’s cooking for the blog and taking pictures of whatever crosses my lens.

Happy Friday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Hello Ines! Yes, thank you, I did have a very good Friday 🙂
      The background isn’t really black, but due to the DOF you can’t see what it really is – it’s actually an old baking sheet that is speckled from use. I saw someone using one and this was my first try with it. I’ve got pics with a different DOF, and also some where I used the baking sheet as a surface, and it’s better visible; I really like using it, and I’m sure you’ll see it again here at some point 😉
      Have a good weekend!

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