Friday Flowers

Pink Gerbera Macro

Happy Good Friday, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying a day off as well; my Friday has been very quiet and lazy so far – reading, drinking lots of coffee and having bits of chocolate Easter egg for breakfast.

I took out my macro lenses yesterday to play around with, one result of which you can see above. By the time I got to the market yesterday all they had left were measly – albeit cheap – little bouquets, so I decided it was better than nothing.

I chose this gerbera with already slightly browning petals as my photo subject and then applied tons of different presets to the results. This one was one of my favourites – not the original colour (which is a very pale pink) but still not too unnatural.

It was really good fun using the macro lenses again; one little minus, though, was that with the 60 macro that can no longer autofocus I find it very hard to get sharp, in-focus pics. I mostly have to use the tripod for that. I was actually considering buying a newer model of the same lens but have been thinking it’s quite decadent to replace it just because I find it difficult to get the manual focus right.

What do you think? Would you invest?

Have a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. When looking at the photo it doesn’t look like it’s not sharp. You can always add a bit of sharpening in post-production or aim for a softer look when shooting with that lens 🙂 But I get that it can bother you, as a photographer sometimes I get annoyed with details that other people looking at the photos don’t see. I hope you can find a way to keep shooting with that one, so you can invest in something else to add to your photography kit instead!

    • Actually, this pic was taken with the 105mm macro lens. I did a few of the same flower with the 60 and although they looked in focus on the camera display the download was disappointing. Nevertheless, you’re right – other people usually don’t see the “imperfections” that we ourselves get hung up on…
      Good point about saving the money for something else, especially as I have my eye on a new (used) camera 🙂

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