2016 March In Pictures

Three down, nine to go! I’ve already been talking about mulled wine and our next visit to the Christmas market with my friends yesterday, even though I’m really looking forward to a proper spring first 🙂 .

March brought us the whole spectrum of what the weather has to offer: snow, sun, wind, rain, 3°C, 14°C… Let’s see what April will bring.

Photography-wise, for once this monthly retrospective is not full of food pics because I didn’t do much for the food blog. I guess plants feature most in my recent photographic activities but then that’s appropriate for the season.

I planted seeds for my balcony flowers at the beginning of the month, and they’re all growing nicely. I hope to plant them out sometime in April and can already envision them adorning the balcony.

All in all, I’m still a bit uninspired with regards to photography but have been picking up my macro lenses again in March and am hoping to get more passionate about it all again soon.

How was your March?

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3 thoughts on “2016 March In Pictures

    • Thank you so much, Laura! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the slideshow. I think very few people actually view it, most people seem to just look at the overview.
      Always glad to hear someone takes the time to view it all properly 🙂

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