Friday Flowers

FF - Ranunc Macro

How was your week, everyone? Mine, for once, was really busy with meeting one set of friends from school one day, dinner with another set at a great restaurant the next day; the short work week due to Easter Monday was a bonus, especially after the clocks were turned forward on the Easter weekend.

For the past few days I took an alternative road to work that leads through bits of forest, and it all looked just beautiful shrouded in morning fog, no matter rain or shine. The first day I thought I should bring my camera the next day, and I kept thinking that every day but never brought it. Somehow my inhibition level with regards to stopping along the road to take pictures seems to be quite high still. That’s definitely something I intend to change.

Last month I had an online conversation with a fellow photo blogger as we found out we both feel quite uninspired at the moment; funnily, each of us had the same idea to maybe do a photo collaboration, so we’re currently thinking about what kind of collaboration it could be and trying to come up with details. Stay tuned.

Today’s flower is the result of me getting out my macro lenses last weekend. I’m always amazed at the detail you can get with those, so I haven’t packed away the lenses but left them on the table to remind me to use them more. I remember when I first got my 105mm macro lens – I would use it for everything. These days, for some reason it stays in the bag most of the time. But as I said, this, too, shall change.

Hope you’ll have a fun and relaxing weekend to look forward to. Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • So am I, Laura! And yes, I’m more than ready to go out and point & shoot in public again!
      Thank you so much for the shout out – I appreciate it!!!

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