Friday Flowers

FF Hyacinths

Good morning! My car finally got its summer tyres yesterday, but summer tyres do not bring summer weather with them, unfortunately. We’ve had beautiful spring weather this week, so let’s hope this rainy day is a freak occurrence and the weekend weather will be better.

I have no plans so far except for the usual food shopping at the Friday market and planting out more of the seedlings currently sitting on my dining table. I’ve already planted out cosmea, scabiosa, spider plant and Michaelmas Daisies into huge pots and have set them outside when it was sunny; now it’s the herbs that need to be planted out – coriander, basil and mint.

As usual, if the weather’s good, my good intentions are to go out with the camera, and also as usual… we’ll see 🙂 .

The above hyacinths were bought at last week’s market and are still going strong. I know a lot of people don’t like them because their scent can be really strong; a couple of evenings this past week I was close to exiling them to the other end of the room so I wouldn’t smell them, it can get a tad too much. I’m hoping to find different kinds of spring flowers today, then it’s goodbye hyacinths.

Happy Friday!


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