2016 April In Pictures

Hello again at the end of yet another month. As I’ve commented in most of my Friday posts, the weather showed us all it had. Let’s hope spring finally stays come May 1st.

How was April? I really, really miss my friend E who moved back to the US in February. Our monthly photo outings were always inspiring, and I still haven’t managed to go out by myself much.

I’ve been meaning to buy a second DSLR – a used D700, which I was hoping would be cheaper now that newer models are out, but so far I haven’t found one on the “used” market that fulfills all my requirements.

However, a friend has persuaded me to buy something else entirely, and I will receive this something else by the end of May. It’ll get me clicking more, I’m sure – I’ll keep you posted.

The month in pictures for April is mostly plant life;  with so much growing right now as well as my visit to the park plants made for the most obvious photo subject.

How was your April?



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