Friday Flowers

Peonies May

Good afternoon & Happy Friday! Not so happy for me as I’m on sick leave…again… What I thought was the worst hayfever ever turned out to be a sinus problem that required antibiotics. Enough whining, though – the weather’s beautiful outside, and today might well be the day I feel good enough to go for a short walk. Plus I’ve just been notified that my new phone is ready for pick-up, so that’s something to look forward to for Monday.

Plus – peonies! I love peony season, and I picked up the ones you see above at last week’s market. They just started opening up, so that’s something to enjoy. I find buying peonies quite exciting – you look at those tightly wrapped balls of petals and know that every stage of their unfolding is a beautiful one. Knowing that peony season is quite short, I enjoy them even more.

Hope you’ll all have a good weekend!


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