Friday Flowers

FF - Plucked Peonies

Happy Friday, everone! We’re having another long weekend here in Germany – the last one for a long while – due to yesterday being Corpus Christi. Today started out quite hot, then just when I left the market an hour ago it started to pour down, but it’s currently clearing up again.

Today’s flowers are really part of the Beauty In Decay series, but I managed so many nice shots that are better suited for the series, and this one came out so incredibly colourful that it qualified for Friday Flowers.

The two peonies I posted last week had started to brown around the edges, and the moment I cut off the blossoms they started to fall apart and show their beautiful insides.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I think several countries have bank holidays and, hence, long weekends. I have a photo challenge/collaboration to complete within the next two days, and apart from that there’s a festival in the city so I might go and check that out.

Enjoy your weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. ahh how pretty Kiki πŸ™‚

    Long weekend here too because of Whitsun which has been moved to end of month and called Spring Bank holiday :/ sun and showers forecast but I’m heading up to the Rose Garden in Regents Park to see what flowery treats are in store (though summer forecast to be later)

    • Thank you, Laura! Good to see you back – read your post that you’ve returned from your travels.
      I didn’t know you could just move Whitsun… next they’ll be moving Christmas πŸ˜‰
      Hope to see pictures of the Rose Garden!
      Have a good long weekend!

      • Whitsun is a moveable feast like Easter but now we’ve called it Spring and added in a Bank Holiday just to ensure Mammon gets a mention πŸ™‚
        Must try and get some rose shots though I’ll miss my Ricoh macro setting – since that camera recently broke 😦

      • Oh, ok. Our Whitsun was last weekend, but I get moving something for the sake of Mammon…
        Are you going to replace the camera?

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