A Quick Trip To Dresden

Last week I was able to visit Dresden for business; I’d never been but it’s been on my to-see-list for a long while. Although it was only a three day trip, I had two evenings to myself to wander around. As usual – because I’m lazy – I didn’t look up any of the sights or check what’s worth seeing. It wasn’t necessary, though, because the event I attended included a bus tour through Dresden where we also had some stops to get off the bus and explore. We had probably the best guide I’ve ever had on such a tour, he was knowledgeable, fun and had excellent social/people skills (not always a given…).

So on day 1 after my arrival and finding my hotel just a stone’s throw away from the famous Frauenkirche I walked around for a bit just using my new phone camera. On day 2 we had the bus tour, and on day 3 I went back to some of the sights we saw earlier by foot with my DSLR.

I didn’t take that many pictures (but found I’d taken an unusually high amount of the Frauenkirche), I still have to learn making better use of the phone camera, and I was really exhausted after the event and then walking around town for 2 hours, so these are just a few of my experiments that you see here.

I’d love to either take a photography workshop on architecture and then go back, or even see if there’s a course in Dresden. Currently checking out such courses as I found I’m better at food photography than architecture – I’m very willing to learn, though 🙂 .

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2 thoughts on “A Quick Trip To Dresden

    • Thanks, Kerry, I’m quite content with the outcome considering I hardly put any effort in it 😀
      And you’re right, bus tours in a new city are always a good idea, I often take the hop-on-hop-off ones like I did in Boston.

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