Friday Flowers

IMG_0663 LR

Hello on this summery and already very hot morning! Today’s flowers are last week’s purchase from the Saturday market in the city. There was so much choice that I couldn’t make up my mind and almost went home without flowers. On leaving the market I passed a stall with these cute little bouquets and happily took one home.

This week’s shiny bright weather doesn’t really go with the deep black background of today’s pic, I first thought. On reading the news about the UK’s Brexit vote this morning, though, I can only say it’s a bright day with a black, bleak outlook. I expected a narrow victory – but not for the pro-Brexit people! It’ll be interesting to watch how it’ll all turn out, but I dare say the repercussions – economically as well as being able to travel freely within Europe, both for the British people and for the rest of us Europeans – will be more far-reaching than the anti-EU voters anticipated.

OK, enough politics, this is a photo blog, after all 🙂 . I’ll be spending as much time as possible on the balcony this weekend enjoying my newly bought plants. The ones I planted in March did not turn out very well due to some problems with the potting compost, which was a new one I tried. I had three huge planters that contained 15 – 20 seedlings each, they all grew nicely at first and then almost all of them died, so I have only 1 each left. For that reason I had to supplement with market bought plants, namely cape daisies and dahlias.

What’s the weather like where you are, and what are your plans for the weekend?




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