Friday Flowers

FF - 2016 Cosmea Bud

Happy Friday – more or less… I woke up at 6 am by what sounded like a random beep of the fire alarm, then couldn’t go back to sleep. Then it started happening in 5 minute intervals which kind of made me get up on the wrong foot. Called the fire alarm company and now have to wait till they contact me – not with a time when they’ll come by to fix it, but to make an appointment. I don’t think so. Took out the batteries – at my own peril, of course – because who wants to spend who knows how long, probably a whole weekend, with an annoying beep.

Being up this early got me to work early, though, so there’s a plus side 🙂 . Also, we have our company picnic to look forward to tomorrow, the motto of which will be Italy. So sunshine, pizza and ice cream are on the agenda for Saturday.

Today’s Friday flower happens to live on my balcony right now. I went to the nursery last weekend to get a few potted plants to make up for the non-starters I had seeded myself, and this cosmea plant was among them. Last night I sat on the balcony and noticed this budding flower, so I jumped up (literally, because I always do that when I see a photo subject) and got my camera with the new 60mm macro lens now seemingly permanently attached, and I love how this lens brings out the best in my little cosmea flower.

Hope you have pleasant things planned for the weekend. Have a good one!



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