Friday Flowers

FF - Dahlia Bouquet 0716

Happy Friday, everyone! After a strenuous week regarding my health with sun allergy that ended with a heat rash all over my face and neck, making me look like a teenager with acne, and a vicious migraine for 3 days, I’m finally really fit again and enjoying the beautiful hot summer weather.

On the way home from my GP earlier this week I passed a flower stall and almost didn’t buy this bunch of dahlias you see above, because I felt guilty – for buying flowers while I was on sick leave. Gave myself a stern talking to because the flowers would be a real highlight during this sh***y time, and took that bunch home;  it’s currently gracing my coffee table.

As for the weekend, I’ll be having breakfast in the city with a new friend, then get a move on to finalise my second photo collaboration for this weekend. Nothing like last minute pressure to motivate me 🙂 .

Have a good weekend!


8 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Thank you re: both, Laura! The rash went away within 30 mins after taking histamines, so I’m fine now – and can brave the heat again tomorrow 🙂

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