Public Transport In Black & White | Collab Photo Project

Collab 02 - Pub Trans 04a

Welcome to the second photo collaboration project I’m doing with Ines of IMonnet. This month our theme is Public Transport In Black & White (and this first photo is not part of the collaboration, I just liked it as an intro).

As I did with last month’s collab, I left everything to the last minute. In this case, that turned out to be a very good decision, because I happened to walk the city with a new friend who pointed out places to go. This friend is not originally from Stuttgart, but to my shame I had to realise she knows way more details about it than I do.

What I did know, though, was that we do have interesting public transport here. Apart from your typical trams and buses, we have both a cog railway and a funicular railway. This funicular railway is made of wood, has been in operation since 1929 and is still in use. It’s route is very short, taking you to a cemetery up the hill, and it was this cemetery that was the reason the funicular railway was actually built. In 1986 it was declared a cultural monument.

Collab 02 - Pub Trans 03
After I had breakfast with my friend this past Saturday, we ventured down to a close-by underground tram station. It’s not a very nice one, but I took quite a few pictures there, all of which I deliberately kept dark-ish as a reference to the way I perceive this station – dark, ugly and a place I don’t want to be for longer than it takes to change trams, especially at night.

Collab 02 - Pub Trans 02

The next place our walk led us to was the central station. The photo opportunities there were manyfold, but I was really happy when I saw this man cleaning the train windows!

Collab 02 - Pub Trans 01

With my fourth picture I’m taking a bit of an artistic license – it seems messy and on downloading it I was wondering what I was focusing on and why. On closer examination I really liked it, though, because the tram and the city – through the reflections – seem to be melting together to me.

Collab 02 - Pub Trans 04

And that’s it for my interpretation of Public Transport In Black & White. Do go and check out Ines’ interpretation of our collaboration!


8 thoughts on “Public Transport In Black & White | Collab Photo Project

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  2. Really nice results! 🙂 I love the artistic shot with the reflection, it works very well in black & white. I also like the vertical shot a lot, of the man cleaning the train – the composition is great and you can feel how busy it is in a central station.

  3. Very nice photos, the black and white works good on the structures that you are focusing on.

    About doing a photography project together: I might one day start an film project, which I’ve read about a couple of times now: I take pictures here in The Netherlands, and send the film to someone in another country. There the film is rewinded and the person takes photos too. In the end you develop the film, with as a result has double exposures.

    Keep up the good work! And I might let you know if I truly intent to start such a project 😉

    Warm regards,

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