Friday Flowers

FF - Allium

Happy Friday! Today’s allium flower was on its last legs when I took this picture – I’d already plucked some of the blossoms for my Beauty In Decay series when I remembered to take a picture of it… oops.

Plans for the weekend? None so far. We’ve been having lots of afternoon, evening and night rain this week, today looks a bit dull as well, but I’m told we’ll be having another scorcher of a weekend. I guess I’ll wing it then, just see what I feel like doing.

I know there are a few fields around where I live that are now full of those round hay bales I always try to capture and miss every year, so I might have a drive and see if I can get a few pictures in.

Also, I’ve seen great nature pictures with back light and was wondering why I’ve hardly ever tried that. So that’s another thing I might check out this weekend.

Hope you have nice plans and good weather!


9 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. It’s like both the background and the flowers are giving up, nice shot!
    I really like nature pictures with back light, hope you’ll be able to try it. 🙂
    I was planing to go to the photography museum this weekend, but since the forecast is sun + 25 degrees, I think I’m going to rethink the plans!

    • Oooh you have a photography museum!? Where is it exactly? I’d like to look it up online.
      Thanks re: shot, and yes, I do hope I’ll be able to get my butt off the couch or the balcony chair to try back light pics this weekend 🙂

      • The one I was thinking about going this weekend is in Lausanne, it’s called ‘Musée de L’Elysée’ ( Then in Vevey there’s the Swiss Camera Museum which is really cool too ( Those are the two I know around where I live. I think there’s also something in Geneva but I haven’t check it yet!

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