Friday Flowers

FF - Echiancea Piccolino

A late hello on this beautiful Friday! I’ve been having yesterday and today off; as I haven’t planned a vacation this year, I decided to take my vacation days whenever the weather is good. With over 20 vacation days left, I hope the weather will be good for a long while.

Luckily the weather was also great yesterday, because I went to a Home & Garden show, where they sold everything you could use in your garden, from furniture to pools to sculptures, and of course plants. When I walked in, my eye immediately fell on some beautiful waist-high dahlias and some echinaceas, also known as coneflowers.

I went home with 1 dahlia and 3 coneflowers, all of which I’m sure you’ll see here at some point. Two of the coneflowers – a white and a red one – were of the classic variety, whereas the third one – seen above and called echinacea “piccolino” – has fuller, rounder blossoms, hence their name double coneflower. The low price I paid for all 4 plants was quite unbelievable, only 19 Euros. At a garden center I’d probably have gotten just 2 plants for that price.

The Home & Garden show also hosted food stalls, cheeses, fruit, preserves. What caught my eye, though, was an Italian stall that advertised Mandorle, Italian almond cookies. The variety was incredible, and I bought 12 pieces of different flavour (to take to work on Monday, at least half of them!). They cost more than my 4 plants, but still – that day was cheaper than being on vacation 🙂 .

Have a good weekend!


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