Friday Flowers

FF - August Dahlia

Hello everyone! I’m sitting in my darkened living room right now because it’s only about lunch time but with over 30°C outside the only hot thing I can bear is my coffee. I’m having another long weekend, and the first thing I did on getting up this morning was watering my plants on the balcony because they looked like they hadn’t been fed for a week instead of last night.

Speaking of plants, the above dahlia is the one I bought at the Home & Garden show last week. It’s waist-high and full of buds, and its colour is just beautiful. As you can see, when the buds open they’re a deep purple, almost aubergine coloured, then they turn more fuchsia the more they open. So even though the seeds I planted this year failed, I am really happy with my little balcony garden and love sitting out there surrounded by beauty.

I had actually planned on getting a lot done today, being Ms. Efficiency, but in this heat I think I’ll stick to hiding inside for a bit longer. Since I’m not going on vacation this year, I feel like I should be using my days off better than that but when you’re sweating just from typing a blog post I guess being lazy can be excused.

I did do a lot yesterday, spent all morning with my camera using all my lenses. Late afternoon I met a friend in the city to visit the weekly street food market. Unbeknown to me, this food truck event started last year, from early May to the end of September, and all this was going on right under my nose – I only learned about it two weeks ago from a newspaper article. I had expected there to be more food trucks, but I think because of school holidays and the Weindorf being held at the same time, there might have been less than usual. Nevertheless, it was really nice there, we had pulled pork in a pretzel roll, and we’re going again later in September.

On my weekend agenda is a lazy Saturday and a Sunday meeting a friend for a day out and her birthday BBQ later on. So, quite a bit to look forward to.

What are your plans? Hope you’re having a good summer so far!


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