Friday Flowers

FF - Sept Hydrangea Glass Vase

A late hello on this still very warm Friday evening! I’ve been out this afternoon to visit the bi-annual Dutch textile market in the city; I only learned about this market a couple of weeks ago, and it was fun visiting it. There were so many beautiful colours of both threads and cloths that I wished I could sew. I’ve tried that once, though, and am way too impatient for it. I’m better off sticking to taking photos of the stuff than trying to make something from it.

Tomorrow there’ll be the annual yard party at a friend’s, and for Sunday my sister requested I cook risotto for her. I’ll be working on Monday, and then hopefully take two weeks off. I say hopefully because although my vacation is approved by work, and I’m supposed to take two weeks off in one go, I just learned yesterday that as of Monday work will start on the roof of my apartment block where they put up solar equipment – with a 3 month delay, so these works will fall into my vacation time, and I can imagine it will get very loud and unpleasant, and there won’t be any sleeping in. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just buy a ticket to somewhere and take offย  ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Have a good weekend!



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