Friday Flowers


My first week of vacation is almost over. I’ve really lucked out with the weather, we’re having temps up to 30°C again this week. I’ve mostly been chilling this week, meeting people, going for walks, and sleeping in – which is surprising because I thought due to the solar panel installation going on on the roof this week the noise would be disruptive. So far, they started the workday around 9:30 am, which I really can’t complain about. Also, because of the scaffolding currently surrounding the house, the midday sun doesn’t heat up the balcony as much, so it’s quite nice to sit out there almost all day without getting sunstroke.

I’m looking forward to another relaxing week. It’s so easy to get used to not having to go to work 🙂 .

Today’s flowers were initially part of a bouquet. A colleague got them for her birthday at work, but when the weekend came she couldn’t take them home because of her cats. So I became the new owner, and when the first of the flowers started to wilt, I picked the bouquet apart and put each surviving species in its own little vase. I had four different ones arranged on my coffee table, which was lovely to look at.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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