Friday Flowers


Hello on this mild Friday evening, which happens to be the first rainy day and the last of my vacation days. Before I tell you what I’ve been up to, I’d like to dedicate today’s flowers to Laura, whose blog elgaygee has its 5th anniversary today, and with whom I’ve been enjoying a lovely comment ping pong over the past few years.

These past two weeks were very relaxing. At the beginning of my vacation I was fretting about the wisdom of having a stay-at-home-vacation, because I felt that you never relax as much as when you leave your everyday surroundings. However, everything was fine, even though I didn’t take day trips as planned.

I got up very late every morning, enjoyed the beautiful plants on my balcony until late at night, always with a book and a cup of coffee at hand. I also had a little personal success two days ago, when after three weeks of constant headaches and trying out different medication a physiotherapist was finally able to free me from this three week pest.

The weather was fantastic throughout my vacation, I visited the street food market again, visited my parents’ garden several times to get fresh vegetables, met my sister for lunch, and met a friend for lunch today. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting another friend to visit the Umbrian market in Tรผbingen, which promises tons of good food. Weather permitting, because it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, we’ll then go on to a close-by town for an organised meadow picnic, where apparently the meadow will be illuminated by several artists once it gets dark. Fingers crossed for the weather to hold!

Hope you’re having a good Friday as well – happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. P.S. and glad to hear your staycation was a good holiday. So often headaches are the result of muscle tension even though we think we are relaxed! Hope your picnic stays dry – our weather has broken now with rain and thunderstorms but the humid heat was rather unbearable.

    • Too true – you have to be really tuned into yourself sometimes to notice the subtle muscle tension that can turn into headaches…
      As for the picnic… we didn’t go in the end. We did buy picnic food at the Umbrian market but took it to my friend’s home to eat because it started drizzling on our way back. We then decided to brave the rain and go see whether the light installation would still be on, and it turned out really interesting. I took some pics, and they look like something out of an X-files episode, all green and eerie ๐Ÿ™‚

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