Friday Flowers


Hello on this Friday that brings a nice temperature despite the fact that autumn started yesterday. The signs of autumn are already abundant, leaves and petals dropping, and although I hugely enjoyed summer this year, I’m ready to embrace autumn.

Above flowers were shot at the Umbrian & Provençal market last weekend. The market itself – although my friend and I had a great time being out and about – was a bit of a disappointment. We thought that being labeled Umbrian & Provençal, at least 75 % of the stalls should sell things that fit the description, but both Umbrian & Provençal food and trade stalls were few and far between. When we got to the market, the first two stalls sold pulled pork and churros…

Nevertheless, we found food to take to the meadow picnic we had planned to go to, but alas, it started drizzling on our way home. We had our picnic food at my friend’s home, then walked up the steep hill to where the “lit meadow” was supposed to be. Again, a deceptive description. We both had lanterns, cutely lit installations etc in mind, but were presented with green lasers and fog machines. It was interesting to see but we were through in 15 minutes.

Back to the flowers. I’d never seen that kind of lilac in hydrangeas but the gent selling them told me how to get the pink ones I currently have to get that colour next spring.

How was your week? Hope you’ll all have a good weekend!


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