Friday Flowers



Happy Friday! Due to a bank holiday on Monday we have a long weekend to look forward to here, yay!

I have no particular plans for this weekend, but what I’d like to do is test some recipes for the food blog. I’ve been pretty disinterested in cooking these past two or three months, so I need to get a move on. Today I’m hoping to take some last minute pictures for tomorrow’s month in pictures, so fingers crossed.

Today’s flowers grew on my balcony. The only seeds that survived the mediocre potting compost and that I could save and place in a different kind of compost were my China asters, called summer asters in German. I planted two different colours, a darker and a lighter pink, and those flowers turned into a huge aster bush on my balcony, a real joy to look at. As it’s been a little too nippy to sit out on the balcony after work these past few days, I cut some of the asters and placed them in vases, so I’m now enjoying these on my coffee table. I also took an inordinate amount of pictures and then was left with too much choice; I couldn’t make up my mind whether to post a higher aperture one or this one but finally settled on the 1-flower-focused version…

Hope you’ll all have a good weekend!




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