2016 September In Pictures

Welcome to not only the end of another month but also the end of summer. I know I often say this, but this month seemed to fly past even faster than the previous ones to me. I was aware I’d been shooting lots of flowers – albeit with a purpose – but even though I knew I’d be needing more than flowers for this monthly overview, somehow my mind kept telling me that I’ve got lots of time yet.

When I looked at the date yesterday, I wanted to shout WHAT!? HOW!? Suddenly I was looking around me wild-eyed to see if I could get a picture out of nothing and nowhere. In the end, though, I decided to make do with what I already had. It turns out I quite like this month’s mix.

Apart from photography, my September was very relaxing, mostly due to my two week vacation and the fantastic weather we had. I also went out with friends more than I did before, which was nice for a change.

Now I’m looking forward to my photography crop in October, the month of harvest. Fingers crossed.

How was your September?

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4 thoughts on “2016 September In Pictures

  1. Some of these really capture “September”–the blue berries against the bright leaves, the leaves on the wooden deck, etc.–love those! But, as a weaver, the first photo really caught my eye–are those spools of linen thread?!

    • Thank you, Kerry! I took my camera to work yesterday just in case I could snap any last minute pics; I was happy I did because during our lunch time walk I discovered the red berries on the red-leafed bush.
      And yes, those are spools of thread 🙂 My friend had told me about a Dutch textile market that took place in town twice a year, that’s where I saw those spools. The colours were so beautiful, there was also a box of all shades of turquoise that I liked. All that colour made me wish I could sew!

    • Thanks very much, Laura! Considering that I thought I hadn’t taken enough (adequate) pics for September, I’m pretty content with the outcome 🙂

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