Friday Flowers


Good morning! Although I can’t say I can see the good in it yet, I’m a bit grumpy this morning. I’ll do my best to make the grumpiness disappear asap, though, because it’ll be the weekend in a few hours.

Looking at above flowers lifts my mood – it’s actually last week’s arrangement but it’s still holding up and sitting on my coffee table. I went to the florist’s but they didn’t have anything pre-arranged that spoke to me, so I bought a few stems and arranged them myself at home. Quite happy how it turned out. I don’t find flower arranging easy, even though the florists make it look easy. Guess they don’t do their training for nothing.

And here’s a little secret – after I did my apprenticeship I was thinking of quitting my job and training as a florist. I chickened out, though, because I was earning money for the first time and didn’t want to go back to train as something else for little money. Nowadays I’m happy when I find a good florist who makes great arrangements, without any regrets.

On that note – happy Friday!


5 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Flowers has been the subject of many of your photos, so you never lost the love for them 🙂

    I like the white washed wooden structure in the back, very lovely!

    Happy Sunday!

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