Friday Flowers


Another Friday, another weekend ahead of us.

Last week I told you about the food market I was planning to go to with a friend. We were both disappointed. The market was supposed to be about sustainability, especially with regards to food. Both of us expected more than a booth with chickpea chips, jam and honey and another a juice stall. The organic catering company selling lunch did not convince either, the pumpkin soup and the pasta with pumpkin sauce dumped onto it did not look appetising. All in all, this show wasn’t worth the entry fee. Luckily we’d been in the city for breakfast that morning and had a nice day overall.

Since last weekend several unpleasant things have happened. The thing we woke up to on Thursday morning that probably shocked a great part of the world, the weather here turning really ugly bringing us intermittent snow, rainstorms and cold, and then there was my dentist appointment. Like many people, I don’t find going to the dentist pleasant in the first place, but with the outlook of a root canal treatment I was quite panicky. The nice assistant involved me in a conversation about Christmas baking, very likely because she could see the panicked look on my face, and after that I was a little more relaxed, knowing that the likelihood of feeling anything during the procedure was minimised by the anaesthetic. Little did we know that I would feel everything, even after the seventh injection, because the nerve was highly inflamed. I almost cried. And now we have to wait and see if the thing calms down with the help of the medication they put in. So I still have a root canal ahead of me in two weeks’ time.

Enough complaining. I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend, the last one I’ll have to myself before Christmas. I have a few photography things planned, things new to me that I want to try, and I’m looking forward to the delivery of a new tripod tomorrow. I have a travel tripod that I like very much (although I’ve only traveled with it once), but wanted one with a 90° column. I’ve also ordered black foamboard, which seems to be something you can easily purchase in the US by just walking in to a DIY store, but unfortunately not over here. So that’s another thing I want to experiment with.

So quite a bit of stuff to look forward to. I hope you’ve had a better week and a nice weekend ahead. Happy Friday!



7 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • I sat in that chair and remembered the movie “Marathon Man” that I’d never actually seen, only read about, but suddenly understood the horror of the torture-by-dentist it showed.

  1. Sympathise with the dentist bit, when I went back this year to have a broken tooth/filing repaired for the third time it took about 3 lots of local to get numb, and then my eye got all swollen and twitchy.
    Lovely flowers.

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