Friday Flowers


Good morning! Rainy day today, but I don’t mind as I don’t have any plans except visit the market after work.

Today’s flowers are a throwback to summer, when I had them on my coffee table and then unexpectedly received a gift in the mail from my friend E in the US. The card she sent with it nicely fit the colour scheme of my flowers, so I decided to take a picture.

Last week I received my new tripod, not to replace my (not so) old one but to use for different things as it has a 90° column. Only I haven’t been able to use it yet, because I have to unscrew the ball head from the old tripod first, which I haven’t managed to do. Ah, the things you have to postpone because you have to go ask for help…

I’m still planning on doing some photography experiments again this weekend, and also do some recipe experiments. On Sunday I might go to the annual Slow Food show with a friend, but otherwise it’ll be a quiet weekend. This morning I got a call from my dentist to move my next appointment forward to next Wednesday – I’ll be glad when all that is behind me.

Question: I’ll be in the UK first week of December, and will be visiting York for three days. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea places that are nice and where I can go by myself?

Happy Friday!


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