Friday Flowers


Good morning. Today’s flowers were on my coffee table two weeks ago. I’ve meanwhile picked this bunch apart, and only a few stems remain. I was really drawn to them right on entering the florist’s because the pink of the carnations was so unbelievably vibrant, a real eye catcher. I know you can’t see that in this photo, because I used a preset on it; I chose this version because to me it reflects a beautiful thing in dreary weather, which unfortunately we’ve been having throughout the week.

Speaking of presets – do you use any at all? Make your own? Download free ones? Buy them?
Until yesterday I had only every used free ones and have made two myself. However, when I see pictures I like, I find it too time-consuming to try and figure out which settings people have used, it’s too much fiddling around with levers in Lightroom, I’m also not exactly familiar with the tone curve, but on the other hand I shied away from buying presets just because I’m too lazy making my own.
Yesterday, though, I bought some because they were 50 % off due to Thanksgiving. They’re beautiful, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Wednesday was my second dentist appointment, and I’m happy to report that I didn’t feel anything this time. The sounds during the procedure still weren’t pleasant, and I’ll have to take painkillers for a couple more days, but I’m definitely no longer afraid of the next and hopefully last visit.

This week my car got its winter tyres, so I’m prepared for snow now. Thanksgiving was celebrated in the US yesterday, and I’m invited for a late Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, which I’m very much looking forward to. Our Stuttgart Christmas market starts next week, and it’s always nicer to go there when it’s actually snowing, so fingers crossed.

I’m hoping to get in a few hours in the kitchen this weekend to make some homemade gifts that need to sit and infuse for a while before they can be given away as Christmas presents.

There’ll be some more photography experiments as well. After I finally managed to disassemble my old tripod to use the ball head with the new 90º coloumn tripod, I realised I hadn’t bought a weight to keep it from toppling over; I’ll be doing that tomorrow, because at the moment I’ve got a little cooler bag filled with bags of rice and flour hanging at the tripod to keep it stable.

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. am at the dentist tomorrow Kiki so your flowers were a much needed cheery moment. I am just trialling Lightroom so have aeons to go before I get to your level – I love the backgrounds you give to both your flowers and food pics. Wishing you a bright weekend

    • Oh I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, Laura, that your appointment goes well and painlessly!
      As for Lightroom, I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now, but I haven’t gotten much further ahead than the basics, really. There’s so much you can do with it, but so far what I know is sufficient for what I want to do.
      Thank you re: backgrounds – I wish you a great weekend, too (despite dentist…)!

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