2016 {Half Of} November In Pictures

As you can gather from the post title, for the first time in four years I didn’t take enough pictures to pick 30 for the monthly review. Usually it’s either cutting it close and taking a pic or two on the last day of the month, or having an overabundance of pics that make it hard to choose. But this is a new low for me.

Motivation-wise the month was split – for the first half I tried out a lot of things that were new to me, like using a tripod with a 90º coloumn, trying out darker photography, trying new angles (in food photography). Most of this was inspired by a wonderful photographer I’ve been in contact with for the past couple of years – Rachel Korinek from .

At the same time I heard from several photographers that they felt uninspired and didn’t take many pictures in the past months. I could also relate to that.

Then in the second half of November I got upset by this reblogging thing again; don’t worry I’m not going to rant here as well, I’m over that. But earlier this week someone actually stole a complete post from my food blog, and asking them nicely to remove the post showed no result. So another very helpful photographer suggested to write a post on it and do some naming & shaming, which I did. I think in the end, though, I’ll have to file a DMCA notice. I just can’t abide people who create a blog just to steal from someone else, and for their very first post, too. It’s just a matter of principle for me, I’m going to fight this.

But as you probably can imagine, this whole episode leaves me with no joy for blogging, at least at the moment. I’ll be going on vacation this weekend, and I’ll just try to have more happy thoughts.

I’m still burning for photography, though, even if I don’t have enough material for this month; I took a lot of pictures but they were of very similar things, so I will have to diversify my subjects next month. Which hopefully said vacation will help with.

And on this maudlin note – see you in a bit!




9 thoughts on “2016 {Half Of} November In Pictures

  1. Quality is as important as quantity and your photos are beautiful! I’m sorry for all the heartache that blog theft is giving you–I hope your vacation is delightful.

    • Thank you very much, Kerry! I’m looking forward to my vacation, although experience has taught me not to brag here that I’ll be bringing back tons of pics 😀

  2. how did I miss this post? despite the lack of enthusiasm which I fully empathise with for all your reasons, you’ve garnered a very good array for November. Trialling a number of techniques has evidently worked – the limes are sensational and the runny egg gorgeously gooey. p.s subject matter is out there – we just have to get out there too! p.p.s. thank you for being such a great photoshoot companion – wish you lived in London!

    • Thank you, Laura! And absolutely likewise re: great photo shoot companion! I was actually thinking on my flight back about it being just 1.5 hours travel time between us – that sounds so close and yet it’s too far away to meet on a regular basis. I hope we will meet again, though! Hope your photographic yield from our excursion was as plentiful as mine. PS: It’s 1.5 hrs to Stuttgart, too, so you might as well plan a trip 😉

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