Visit To London, Pt. I

After leaving York last week, I took a train down to London, where I spent another three days. There’s obviously a vast difference between the two cities; while York can be explored in 3 days you can likely spend three days in one area of London and still not have seen everything.

Luckily I had a little help. I had seen one of Helen Ogbourn‘s London pics on Instagram and asked her where exactly it was taken. So I went to South Kensington on my first day out, then went on to Canary Wharf, and from there to Greenwich on Mike Osborn‘s suggestion. Thank you both for your suggestions – I had a lovely day out!
I also walked from my hotel in Bethnal Green to Brick Lane in Shoreditch, and on to Spitalfields, which was an interesting trip with all the food establishments along the way as well as the graffiti I encountered.

On day two I finally met Laura, whom I was supposed to meet last year but technology had kept us apart. This time we made a time and meeting point, and we managed to find each other at the Southbank. We’d only known each other from commenting on our respective blogs, so it was quite exciting to see whether we’d get along in person. I’m happy to say we did, and I had the best day out in a very long time. With Laura being a native Londoner, I had the privilege of having my own personal tour guide.

We spent the day walking from Waterloo Bridge towards London Bridge, and while I’ve been complaining here for a while about being uninspired – well, that flew right out the window. I brought back an abundance of pictures, and I was really content with 90 % of them, which is a rare occurrence for me these days.

Here’s part one of my pictures, a mixture of graffiti, architecture, reflections, and lines.

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4 thoughts on “Visit To London, Pt. I

  1. thank you again for this memorable day Kiki – the perspective in shot 9 is awesome! interesting to see all the details and clarity you see through your 50 mm lens and the effect of image 17 is just brilliant

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