2016 December In Pictures

So this is it – not just another month flown by but another year. Both people around me as well as people online have been saying – albeit in more elaborate words – “good riddance to 2016“. Every time I heard or read that, I was thinking that it hadn’t been that bad for me, really. Considering my life as a middle class European and the fact that I don’t live in a war zone, I think complaining about what I have would feel like complaining about the price of champagne.

Having said that, we all have our baggage to carry, and it’s always subjective how we feel about that. Personally, I’ve been complaining about being uninspired regarding photography almost all through 2016. This last month, though, I’ve picked up my camera more often, and I’m having fun taking pictures again, and I feel like I’m no longer down in the dumps there.

Not so pleasant for me is the fact that I’ve been feeling a very big psychological strain this past year due to absolutely horrible neighbours. This one is more difficult to solve than my photography blues, as finding adequate living space has become quite difficult here with more demand for than supply of apartments. I also feel like I’ve been paralysed in the situation instead of being more proactive with regards to moving, because I have lived and felt at home in my place for a very long time. Now I feel no longer comfortable in my own home, and I’ve finally woken up to the fact that if I don’t get a move on (pun intended) and help myself by doing all I can to find a new place, I’ll be stuck here. So fingers crossed.

Here’s my personal recap of 2016, which despite being frustrated about the above mentioned things did also bring wonderful experiences:

  • my friend E left the country early in 2016 – far from wonderful, but we’ve been FaceTiming, which makes every chat special;
  • another friend & colleague whom I basically saw almost every day had a baby and is on parental leave – when we see each other now, that time is even more precious;
  • I did a few photo collaborations with Ines from imonnet, which was both fun and challenging;
  • I made a new friend who has a let’s do it mentality, to which I owe many, many fun (photography) outings in 2016;
  • I traveled to the UK, my favourite place;
  • I met up with Laura from eljaygee while in London, a definite highlight;
  • I rang in the New Year with the same people as the past 2 years, which is a valuable kind of continuity of our friendship.

I don’t really have any resolutions for this new year except to try as best I can, and not to write such lengthy (and personal) novels for my posts, which should really be concentrating on the pictures.

And here’s my selection for 2016.

Happy New Year everyone, and much fun & success in your own photographic & personal endeavours in 2017!

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8 thoughts on “2016 December In Pictures

    • Thank you, Laura! Re: details – a friend gave me a really old 18-210 lens to see if it still works. If I can get it to do what it’s supposed to do, I’ll finally have my tele lens 😀
      Will you be moving within London??

  1. You have a real variety of subjects this month–fun to see the range! And I like it when you write about what’s going on in your life, in addition to the photos–I hope you solve your problem with your neighbors–that sounds awful.

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