Friday Flowers


Good morning. After starting into the new year with a cold and on sick leave, with wanting to climb the walls because of my horrible neighbours and thus feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, I’m doing my best to feel better.

I’m very actively looking for a new place to rent, having looked at a place earlier this week, and I’ll be looking at another one tomorrow. The problem is that there’s more demand than supply, which means rental prices are really up the roof. Then there’s the fact that you want to move asap but don’t want to take the first place available (and affordable) either just because you want to leave your old place behind. The place I looked at earlier this week was great. On first glance. I’m tempted to go for it because it’s a very quiet place, new, equipped with a beautiful kitchen (major plus for me) but I can’t turn a blind eye to the things that aren’t so great. I feel I get more picky with age, too. We’ll see where it goes.

Amidst all these problems, thoughts, worries and decisions to make, a post on Helen’s 365 Journal popped up in my reader that I immediately loved and am going to internalize:

sound-of-my-feet-helen-boydMy plans for this weekend are maybe trying recipes for the food blog and definitely sorting through all my (too many) possessions. I really want to be prepared for a move, however long it’ll take to find a place, and get rid of unused and unnecessary things and clutter.

I hope your new year has started well for you. Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    • Thank you, Laura! Yes, I, too, hope I’ll find something soon. I looked at another place this weekend but the price was unjustified for a place in the middle of nowhere…

    • Hello Robert, I’m not sure what you mean by “It is not easy to make a comment on your post on 01.28.2017.” Can you explain?

      I received an e-mail with a comment “Great & interesting pictures” which was awaiting my moderation, and then I received this comment next, but the first one was gone. Did you get any error messages?

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