2017 January In {A Few} Pics

Déjà vu anyone? The German saying New Year – New Luck didn’t turn out to be true. As much as I wanted to start this year on a more positive note, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I went into the new year with a week of sick leave. Then I went back to work for two weeks until I was sent home with the words “Do not come back until you’ve fully recuperated”. This turned into another two weeks of sick leave, I’m in the middle of the second one now.

So many people I know are having the same problem with a really persistent cold, and some are, unfortunately, much worse; cases where a cold has led to pneumonia are abound. I wish everyone who suffers that they get better soon.

While I’d made a list of what I’d like to take pictures of this month, it didn’t happen, of course, what with being housebound and sick. The few pics you’ll see here are from New Year’s Day, some of my cooking endeavours from the two weeks I actually felt well, and the few bits & bobs I photographed while being home these past two weeks [and I didn’t know taking pics at home could be so exhausting!].

I was trying to do some stock photography for my own purposes, and I had so much more planned, but we’ll have to make do with this. It can only get better from here on out.

Having said that – my laptop is on the brink of giving up and will need a new installation. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the kind of tedious tasks this entails. I’ve been trying to delay this but not much is working anymore so it needs to be done pronto. I just wanted to get this post up, and then we’ll see what happens. I’ll try the WP mobile version to keep up to date with stuff.

And not to sound sappy, but there are people out in this world who are so much worse off with real issues in their lives, and I’m fully aware mine are 1st world problems.

I hope you’ve all had a much better January!

PS: Since preparing this post earlier today, I tried to do a new install on my laptop – it wouldn’t let me. I tried the DELL backup & recovery tool – success. But only until I had to login with my Microsoft account… Apparently a few years ago when I created my MS account, I had to state an alternative email address, which meanwhile no longer exists. So on updating that information, MS told me I needed to wait 30 days for them to give me full access. Until then, I cannot access some apps on my laptop nor “confirm my identity” on the laptop. Hilarious. I think it would have been less hassle to buy a new laptop 🙂


6 thoughts on “2017 January In {A Few} Pics

  1. Your photos look so serene and mellow–they don’t reflect the difficulties you were having at all! I hope the rest of the year is MUCH better for you than January was!

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