Friday Flowers


Hello, I’m back among the living. And I feel like I should be welcoming myself back to this blog because it seems so long that I’ve posted properly here. This is my first week back to work after another two weeks of sick leave. I feel like I really should be done with sickness for the rest of the year, I just hope life agrees.

Naturally, I haven’t done much or gone anywhere during the past weeks, and I feel ready to properly start 2017 now. Apart from reading an awful lot these past weeks, the only things I did were  food shopping and trips to the pharmacy once a week. Which also means I didn’t get “proper” flowers during that time, but I did buy supermarket tulips. That’s pretty much all you get at the supermarket right now, and out of boredom I took tulip pictures.

Today I’ll be going to the market again, maybe I’ll find more interesting flowers there; I’ll definitely be stocking up on veg & fruit, I love that it’s currently blood orange season. I try to make the most of it, peeling some every evening to take to work as a snack the next day as well as juicing some to use in salad dressing or mix with buttermilk for a refreshing drink.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be baking bread; have been meaning to do that ever since the class I took in autumn last year. There are also a couple of other things that have been written on my kitchen chalk board for quite a while, like making caramels, making more macarons, making onion soup… We’ll see what I’ll really feel like making this weekend.

I hope you’ve all managed to stay healthy and have nice plans for the weekend.

Happy Friday!


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