Friday Flowers


Hello again. I don’t have much to tell you today, which I guess is a good thing after all the negative stuff that’s been flying around me these past weeks. The sun just came out of hiding after a day that was forecast to be all rainy, I’m going to a party tonight to say goodbye to a colleague who’s going back to Canada, and I have several little vases of rununculi on my coffee table. I love rununculus season and am looking forward to a constant supply for the next two months; I do like tulips but when there’s not much else available even that can get boring.

As usual, my plans for the weekend are to take lots of pictures, but I guess we all know what can become of plans. Mostly not much. Still… fingers crossed.

Happy Friday & have a good weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. so much charm in this angle shot Kiki- can see how much the camera loves these flowers. 🙂 Hope you get to take lots of pictures with clouds of negativity clearing from the horizon!! I have only just got back to my camera so feeling rather rusty. Have a good weekend. Lx

    • Thank you, Laura! I did go out today but the weather wasn’t great, so just a couple of indoor shots… again.
      I’ve seen your latest foray out into nature, glad you’ve gotten back to your camera!

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