2017 February In Pictures

It’s the end of February, and this not-so-new year seems to be still in low gear for me. Another two weeks of sick leave, still not feeling 100 % – again, like many other people around me, so it’s not just me who can’t seem to fight off whatever bug is going around – and lots of indoor photography. These past few days I’ve resorted to phone photography, because apart from going to work I wasn’t outside much.

Last weekend I did a mega spring clean in the kitchen, lugging everything that wasn’t attached to anything out into the hall, scrubbing, cleaning, throwing lots of stuff out, then trying to put back in as little as necessary. Great feeling!

Another great feeling is that I’ve actually managed to produce a full month of pictures again, and not just another half-assed attempt…

Let’s stick with the good memories of February and see what March brings.

How was your February?

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6 thoughts on “2017 February In Pictures

  1. So much to see – so much to love – a really great gallery and mix of subjects captivatingly processed. And all this with illness – my February has been one of recovery & feeling like a snail just showing it’s horns with a dusty camera in tow!

    • Thanks, Laura! I managed to take 10 pics in one day yesterday when I realised that February had only 28 and we were already there 😀 . Well, with you at snail pace and me in low gear – I’m sure we’d be a great pair at a three-legged race, hahaha. Wish you all the best for your further recovery!

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