Friday Flowers


Good morning! A very cold morning here today, we’re back to 1ºC but we’ve been promised a 15ºC weekend, which is great to hear, but still those jumps in temperature are hard to adapt to sometimes (or is it just age, hehe…).

As I mentioned in my monthly overview earlier this week, I did a major spring clean in the kitchen last weekend; I’m still going through stuff that I don’t think I want to keep but luckily I have a friend who’s currently looking for items to “modify” for Halloween decorations. If you think it’s too early for that – we’ve been saying the other day that “after the party is before the party” so really it’s better to get things out of the way and have them ready in storage once the day comes.

Speaking of Halloween, we’ll be going on a little outing tomorrow and taking some accessories with us to start taking pictures for this year’s invitations. Before we do that, we’ll both be preparing bread dough tonight and take our respective loaves to the baking house we visited last year; our breads will be baking in the wood-burning oven while we go and have breakfast and do our Halloween thing. I’m looking forward to it, especially as my friend will be bringing her 7 month old little dog along, so anything could happen…

What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. delightful pose of hyacinths Kiki – especially the way they bend in to the camera as though they like having a portrait done. Hope your weekend went well with bread, halloween prep & puppy dog – an interesting mix!

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