Friday Flowers

Good morning! Today’s flower pic is more like a blank canvas, I know… Maybe I chose it because the next week will be like a blank canvas for me; after having had to surrender my vacation week in January to sickness, I have next week off and hope to make use of this “blank canvas”.

Except for an evening class named “Salts & Oils” and meeting a friend I have no big plans for next week. Hopefully I’ll get to go to the garden center to buy potting compost so I can finally sow this year’s flower seeds for the balcony.

At the moment I also view this photography thing as a bit of a blank canvas because while the previous months my goal was just to go out and take pictures again I actually have no clue at the moment what I want to take pictures of. I realised the other day that walking around aimlessly hoping to find some little details along the way was not how I wanted to operate.

Let’s hope that after the next week my canvas will at least be filled with some new ideas and inspiration.

Wishing you an inspired weekend, everyone! Happy Friday!


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