Friday Flowers

Good morning on this last day of my vacation. Today’s flowers are last week’s purchase, the remainders of which have been shortened and are now sitting in a vase on my coffee table.

I’m happy to say I did everything I had intended to do during this week. The majority of my time  – as planned – was chill time, sleeping in, enjoying my time off.

I sowed flower & herb seeds for the balcony, I went to the salts & oils class (fun, interesting, good starting point if you want to make homemade gifts but all in all a bit overpriced), together with a friend I visited Zavelstein in the Black Forest, which is known for its wild crocus blossom (unfortunately the first blossom had already come and gone, and due to the rain a lot of the crocuses were damaged but we still had a great time), I did my tax return, and today I’m going to meet the family at the ice cream parlour and visit the market. Tomorrow I’ll visit the Bread & Rose Market with a friend, where regional female entrepreneurs sell homemade and organic goods.

If you live in London, I hope you’re OK after the happenings on Wednesday, and if you live in the US, I hope you’ll still have health insurance after tonight – a completely incomprehensible concept to me as a German not to be able to have a fundumental right to affordable health insurance. Then again, a lot of fundamental rights seem to be going down the drain these days…

On that insightful note 😀 – have a good weekend!


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