Friday Flowers

Good morning. These ranunculi are the same that you saw last week in little bottles. Some of them decided to hang their heads, bending right in the middle of the stems, so I shortened them and put them in a vase to give them a second lease on life.

We’ve been having fantastic spring weather this past week with up to 20°C, and I hope that’ll last through the weekend.

A friend and I had planned to visit a nearby city after seeing their ad for some kind of tulip event. Luckily we went online to get details, because it turns out it’ll be a just one big flowerbed – OK, so it’s made up of 1600 tulips, but still we decided not to drive out there for one flowerbed. So I’ll probably be taking it slow this weekend.

The seedlings I planted for my balcony only a week ago are thriving, the cosmea are already 10 cm high. The rest isn’t so bad either, seems only the ramson (wild garlic) doesn’t want to show up. I sowed seeds for 3 varieties of cosmea, 2 of asters, 2 of skabiosa, a poppy variety, and a zinnia. For herbs I’m having coriander, oregano, basil, and the reluctant ramson. Might get some seeds for thyme and mint this weekend.

Hope you’re in a good weather zone and have a nice weekend ahead of you.

Happy Friday!


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