Friday Flowers

Hello on this sunny but cold spring morning! A bit of a strange weather week here in Southern Germany. Just when we thought our world was in full spring mode, we got summer temps of 25ºC for a few days, which were followed by cold rainy days over the four day Easter weekend. We then got two days of snow storms at the beginning of the week, and although it’s quite cold now at least it is sunny and crisp. Apparently we’re expecting many cloudy days starting this weekend.

I have the most exciting things planned for tomorrow – defrosting the freezer 😂 . Should have done this ages ago because my freezer drawers can hardly be pulled out anymore, but I decided it could wait. Only now it no longer can. While the defrosting happens, I’m hoping to get a few photography things done as well as going through my belongings with a fine tooth comb. I still haven’t found a new apartment, but I want to be prepared when I do, so I really need to think about what I do not want to lug with me in case of moving. It won’t be an easy task because I usually think I need everything I own.

I’ll also be thinning out the seedlings I sowed, which have grown immensely in the past few weeks, so it’ll be a trip to the garden center to get the proper soil for them.

This month I have bought new photography backgrounds/surfaces as well as made some myself, even though I’m not a DIY person. So I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with those. You can see two of my DIY ones in today’s flower pics – they used to be a beer table, I had them sawed in half and sanded, then painted both the top and bottom parts with different chalk paint and clear varnish, so I now have four different coloured backgrounds/surfaces. That’s enough DIY for the rest of the year, though 🙂 .

Hope you’ll all have a pleasant and sunny weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. April really has been a weird month… One week you’re putting sunscreen to go hiking and the next one you’re back wearing your winter clothes!
    I really like how you styled the 3 jars in this photo – lovely 🙂

    • Weird, indeed. We’re having gorgeous weather again today, but the forecast isn’t good..
      Thanks re: jars – they’re actually ONE vase, I bought them like this, I think they’re glued together. They’re really nice for a few single stems.

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