Friday Flowers

The last of the rununculi *sigh*. Wish their season were longer but I’ll probably appreciate them even more when they reappear next year.

Since my return from vacation the weather here has been more April-like, with lots of showers, wind and rain, interspersed with a few days of 20°. Let’s hope the weekend will be a sunny one.

Plans for the weekend are still unclear – it’s Mother’s Day here in Germany this Sunday, so there’ll definitely be some family time. I know I’m always telling you that I’ve been doing some decluttering but I often don’t touch stuff that I’m sure I need. Yesterday I received an invitation for an apartment viewing next week, and that was like a kick in the butt because if/when I do find the right apartment, moving will have to be organised quickly with no time to sit down and view each and every piece of clothing, household items, etc and deciding what to do with it, so some serious list making and saying goodbye to things will have to be on the agenda. Fingers crossed for the viewing!

What are your plans for this weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. I planted red ranunculi this year and love them! I don’t think they’ll come back next year–it’s too cold here–but they were worth it nonetheless. Have a great weekend!

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