Friday Flowers

Good morning! As is not unusual, sadly, we’ve had four days of 26°C but today it’s raining, and that’s the forecast for the weekend as well.

Those hot and sunny days have definitely made up for what didn’t go so well this week, though. Apartment viewing: disappointing, so have to keep on searching. New Indian restaurant last night: food good but service more than lacking. Planting out my seedlings: had to sow new seeds for some as for seemingly no reason the ones that had been growing nicely died.

The flowers in today’s picture also were a disappointment: I bought them at last week’s Friday market, but two days later only what you see here was left, everything else had gone to seed.

So the plans for this weekend are: buy new flowers at different stall, plant out what’s left of the seedlings, and come up with something to cook for the food blog. Oh, and hope the weather forecast is lying 😀

Happy Friday!



4 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Friday would not be complete without one of your images. You made the most of what is left of your bouquet – impressive glass outline against that gorgeous background!
    Wet weather here too but the gardens need it – good opportunity to do something in the kitchen 🙂

    • Thank you, Laura! Ha – your comment about the glass outline made me go to the post and take a look. I never even noticed that, thanks for pointing it out, I like it, too 😀

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